Easy Trip Planners Ltd.

Deposit Slip Information

Cash Deposit Timing Contact No. Email
10:00AM to 8:00PM (Monday to Saturday) 011-43131313, 43030303 accounts@easemytrip.com


Kindly Note Our Bank Account Details or Download DEPOSIT SLIP

Bank NameBranchAccount NumberIFSC CodeDownload

VIVEK VIHAR 082905000094 ICIC0000829 Easy Trip Planners Ltd.

SBI Bank
AGCR Enclave 30410284266 SBIN0010644 Easy Trip Planners Ltd.

VIVEK VIHAR 16722320000026 HDFC0001672 Easy Trip Planners Ltd.

Vikas Marg 0464010960000001 JAKA0VIKAAS Easy Trip Planners Ltd.
Agents are requested to Deposit Cash in ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank only or use Cheque Transfer or Online Transfer Facility for other Bank Uploads .
Cash Deposit Other Than ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank is chargeble as per Bank Rules, Cheque or Online Transfer to any bank would be FREE.
EMT accounts department is operational from Monday through Saturday, between 10:00AM to 8:00PM . All deposit updates are only made during the time the accounts department is open. You can make deposit in any of the banks mentioned Above
Kindly make all payments in favour of " Easy Trip Planners Ltd ".
We would like to request that all details must be entered correctly and clearly so as to avoid any delays in uploads.
You are requested to update your payments from :- Deposit Updates Tab on Dash Board ,
You can Also fax all deposit slips in the prescribed formats mentioned above . The designated fax numbers are 011-43030333 . The scanned copy of the deposit slip can also be emailed at accounts@easemytrip.com